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On-the-rig simulator helps Wellesley reduce exploration risks

6 October 2020

Drilling a well on a simulator before the real project in the Norwegian North Sea begins has proved so successful for oil and gas exploration company, Wellesley Petroleum, it is now looking to roll out the initiative across other well projects.

Wellesley commissioned a mobile ‘On-the-Rig’ (OTR) drilling simulator, which is designed and manufactured by advanced simulator developer Drilling Systems, to train Dolphin Drilling’s crews on the Borgland Dolphin in advance of its drilling programme in the North Sea off Norway earlier this year.

Wellesley worked closely with Drilling Systems and training partner, Survivex, to configure the OTR with well-specific conditions and drilling scenarios based on the drilling programme. This allowed the crew to rehearse possible scenarios before the rig even left the quayside. The training and well preparation work helped to deliver Wellesley’s lowest-cost well for 2020, coming in on time and on budget with high quality safety performance. Read more…


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