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Assurance Toolkit

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This is OEUK’s Assurance Toolkit containing:
  • Assurance guideline
  • Assurance gap analysis tool
  • Training presentation aimed at Leadership level personnel
OEUK’s Assurance Toolkit describes good practices in the implementation of an assurance framework for the prevention of major accidents, including hydrocarbon releases. The guidelines aim to assist industry and help address regulator concerns by describing effective assurance activities, providing examples of effective systems, and promoting and sharing good practices.
Although the main focus of the guidelines is to support the duty holders in the prevention of hydrocarbon releases and Major Accident Hazards, the guidelines can support and be applied to any organisation type.
To view the presenter’s notes in the training presentation, open the Powerpoint file, right-click and select “Show Presenter View”. It is recommended that users run through the slideshow before presenting as animations are used.
These guidelines provide information relating to good practices in the implementation of an assurance framework with a focus on the prevention of major accidents which will also address regulator concerns over the prevention of hydrocarbon releases. It is supported by a case study throughout the document and will be complemented by training for leaders and those that will be required to conduct assurance activities.
The assurance framework is the implementation of a systematic and risk-based process for the auditing, monitoring and review of the suitability and effectiveness of risk management processes for offshore operations.
The document has not formally recommended industry definitions of terms, such as assurance, verification, audit, monitoring and review, due to the different terminology already in place across the oil & gas industry.
Instead, it focuses on a generic framework that can be adapted to suit organisational terminology based upon the following terms used within the document:
• Assurance – the overarching approach to provide a programme that captures, audits, monitors, verification and review.
• Audit – a formal and planned activity, with independence, to confirm that an entity’s safety and environmental management system (SEMS) is effective.
• Monitor – the ongoing checking of an element of the SEMS or major accident hazard (MAH) barrier model to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.
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