OEUK's Clean and Secure Energy Plan

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Clean and Secure Energy Plan


As the UK Government phases out Russian oil imports, we publish our approach to delivering a secure and clean energy system for the future.

The UK has diverse, secure, and reliable energy sources. For over 50 years, the UK offshore energy industry has helped meet the UK’s power and fuel needs with domestically produced oil and gas. We look at events taking place in Ukraine with horror. Many energy-producing companies have withdrawn from Russia, and we recognise the UK government’s commitment to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of this year.

The UK offshore energy industry is committed to being a reliable and responsible energy partner. The changing context does not change the facts, and we continue to accelerate both the decarbonisation of our sector and the solutions required to decarbonise the UK economy. We are acutely aware that this crisis exacerbates an existing energy price crisis. We are proud to pay UK taxes and continue to invest in the production of cleaner energies. Today we outline our plan to deliver secure clean energy for the UK today, tomorrow and in future.

This publication can be downloaded free of charge.

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