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Standard Agreements

Joint Operating Agreement Pack (November 2021)

£150.00 exc. VAT

The JOA pack comprises:

1. JOA (clean version) updated November 2021 with changes from LIBOR TFG (2021, substituting SONIA) and JOA TFG (2020-2021, reflecting Innovate Licences) and incorporating Long form Accounting Procedure (formerly “OPO26”, now removed from website) Schedule A;
2. Composite markup of JOA, Nov 2021, showing changes made by both TFGs, and incorporating Long form Accounting Procedure (formerly “OPO26”, now removed from website), Schedule A;
3. GBP LIBOR Replacement with SONIA; OGUK Guidance Note from LIBOR TFG (November 2021);
4. JOA TFG 2020-2021 EXPLANATORY NOTE – CLAUSE 9.9 WORK OBLIGATIONS AND CONSEQUENT CHANGES (November 2021) (Changes to reflect the introduction of the Innovate Licence);
5. JOA Guidance Notes updated November 2020 NB these do not yet incorporate the 2021 changes in 3 or 4 above.


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