Sampling the benefits of innovation

A new system for sampling from wells and manifolds offshore converts several of our industry’s strategic goals – driving technology, exporting our capabilities and developing key skills – into front-line reality.

The Challenge

Simplifying the process of sampling water, oil, gas and solids – and reducing risks to people, the environment and offshore assets.

The established methods for sampling on assets pose several issues, ranging from the potential release of gas to the deployment of multiple containers, and the need for operators to use breathing apparatus.

The Response

A team of technical specialists at Proserv has developed the Mini-Separator system as a new sampling solution which addresses these operational issues.

Built to meet NACE standards, the system is designed to separate fluids and capture sand/solids as well as sample oil, water and gas.

It can also ‘see’ the liquid split with its Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level device. This prevents the need for time-consuming lab work, separating out fluids and equipment cleaning processes. The GWR is the centrepiece innovation of the system, applying advanced technology to elevate performance in this specialist area.

The Result

The use of the Mini-Separator system, instead of an atmospheric container, for sampling at risers and wellheads, enhances safety, saves time and improves on current market products.

Its benefits include:

· a reduction in exposure to toxic gases

· less requirement for isolation of gas heads

· time savings in the sampling of slugging wells or wells with high gas/oil ratio

· less manual handling when taking larger volumes of liquids for more representative sand sampling

Proserv’s ability to innovate has already resulted in the sale of new systems to clients in North America, the UK, the Caspian and the Far East.

‘The use of the Mini-Separator System… enhances safety, saves time and improves on current market products’

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