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John Lawrie has already repurposed over two million tonnes of steel tubulars from the oil & gas industry as high quality piling pipe.

The Challenge

Delivering environmental and cost benefits for clients by safely recycling pipe and casing from offshore operations, for applications in other industries.

John Lawrie has recognised the value of adopting the principles of the ‘circular economy’: the process whereby resources, which would otherwise be deemed as waste, are kept in use via either repurposing or recycling.

This is particularly relevant for clients faced with establishing zero waste strategies and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Response

John Lawrie has an established track record of repurposing tubulars as alternatives to concrete piles in the construction and civil engineering sectors. Its project portfolio includes the delivery of:

· 22,000 metres of previously used casing pipe to contractor Northern Piling for use as piling posts in the P&J Live Arena development in Aberdeen. More than 2,000 tonnes of materials were converted into approximately 1,750 piles for the foundations of the state-of-the-art conference, exhibition and entertainment complex.

· 2,500 metres of steel casing pipe for use as piling on a multi-million pound port upgrade project at Montrose. The materials were required for the initial phases of work, carried out by building and civil engineer Farrans and ground engineering firm Van Elle Ltd. The piles are now helping to support the foundations of the expanded quayside.

The Result

This innovative approach to help realise the full potential of the ‘circular economy’ is – in the case of the Montrose development, for example – literally supporting wider industry developments.

John Lawrie has to date supplied over two million tonnes of steel tubulars for use as piling pipe – minimising waste, saving an equal volume of CO2 emissions and helping establish a more robust economy.

“The benefits of reusing steel over recycling it are vast– For the two million plus tonnes of steel tubulars we’ve reused as piling pipe, this equates to nearly two million tonnes of CO2 saved.”
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