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TrendMiner launches data analytics tool upgrade

3 May 2022

TrendMinder, a Software AG company, has launched the next-generation production client for industrial analytics, it said April 27. Users now can do anything from basic trend viewing to advanced diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Product Director Nick Van Damme said: “The challenge is harnessing the value of data without having to recruit and retain large and highly skilled IT and data science teams. TrendMiner NextGen makes insights from production data instantly available to ALL operational experts that need it, at the touch of a button. And that’s a gamechanger for our customers.”

The 2022.R1 release distinguishes itself from other trend clients by its easy-to-use method of searching through thousands of sensor readings over years of data. TrendMiner gives instant answers to know what has happened, how often, and why. (Image courtesy TrendMiner. For more information, please see here)

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