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A new platform is serving to showcase technological advances to operators and contractors globally – and helping the industry pursue many of its strategic goals.

The Challenge

Innovative solutions providers and SMEs often find it difficult to access operators’ decision-makers to present ‘alternative bids’ – which could mean operators missing out on field-proven opportunities to maintain safe operations, save on costs and bolster production efficiency.

Those were among the key findings to emerge from industry discussions following the publication of the 2019 OGUK Deloitte Collaboration Survey.

Hosted by OGUK Continuous Improvement Manager Emily Taylor and involving representatives of operators, contractors, the drilling sector, SMEs and the OGUK led Efficiency Task Force (ETF), the dialogue also established that operators faced challenges in remaining updated on new & field proven solutions – while concerns were voiced over potential barriers to supply chain collaboration and innovation.

These issues have been exacerbated by oil price pressures and COVID-19, while the industry has also increasingly focused its attention on the energy transition and net-zero goals.

Nevertheless, a more recent global survey of 255 Operator & Contractor professionals by Carjon-NRG – whose managing director Colin Black is an ETF member and had been party to the initial discussions – established that they remained keen to safely innovate, reduce costs, cut emissions and improve efficiency. At the same time, it again highlighted that many of them find it difficult to establish which innovative technologies are available, and what has already been deployed by other Operators and in other parts of the world.

The latter point reflects a strategic desire among some companies to be ‘fast followers’ – in other words, to be first to be second.

The pandemic restrictions have created further obstacles to visibility: industry events have temporarily moved to online platforms, eliminating invaluable face-to-face opportunities to highlight the value propositions and track records of individual technologies.

In addition, people often don’t have the specific technical expertise required to sustainably embed the technology in their operational business, and therefore don’t benefit from effective replication of successful technology deployment.

The Response

Carjon-NRG Ltd partnered with, the fastest-growing global technology platform that aims to connect Oil & Energy companies with innovative solutions, to develop the UK Energy Technology Platform (UK ETP) – directly addressing the key issues of solutions visibility & technology deployment support and replication.

Technology companies can upload their innovative solutions for free, and operators have clear sight of technologies, including track records and reviews.

The Result

‘Focused on OGA and Technology Leadership Board technology domains – and including energy transition domains such as CCUS, hydrogen, electrification and emissions reduction – this new platform makes sourcing technology as easy as finding a great restaurant or accommodation online.

A bit like TripAdvisor for energy technology, complete with track record data and professional reviews, the UK ETP is focused on helping operators and developers in the UK and global industry. It also provides access to effective support services required to get the technology deployed and replicated.

The UK ETP enables operators and technology providers to quickly identify challenges and solutions on their energy transition journey and consider these solutions within their tendering and contracting processes thus helping address the previously mentioned “Alternative Bid” challenges. And because it is accessible globally, it supports the export of UK technologies and expertise – a key component of the OGUK-led Roadmap 2035.’

‘This new platform makes sourcing technology as easy as finding a great restaurant or accommodation online.’
Colin Black, Managing Director, Carjon-NRG Ltd

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