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What is a homegrown energy transition and why does it matter for the UK?

7 June 2024

In one month people across the country will vote in the UK General Election.

Join Offshore Energies UK – the leading representative body for the UK offshore energy sector, as we take a look at our industry manifesto and the facts we believe underline the need for a homegrown energy transition.

Our video series will shine a light on how our people, skills, communities and infrastructure can provide secure supplies of energy, grow the economy, reach net zero and support jobs.


OEUK’s industry manifesto outlines the potential of the offshore energy sector to:

  1. Contribute to an energy transition that leaves no one behind
  2. Secure over 200,000 high value jobs
  3. Unlock over £200bn private investment over the next decade in UK energy production
  4. Help meet the country’s net zero goals by 2050 or sooner

Delivering this will make a difference to every single person across the UK and require changes across every sector, community and household.

Our industry’s brilliant, skilled people work tirelessly to produce energy off the coast of Britain that we all use to heat our homes, power business and make the products we use in your everyday lives.

Skilled jobs. Secure energy. A sustainable future. And a sustainable journey too. Let’s work together to unleash the potential of our sector, and power the UK’s future.

Read our manifesto.

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