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Wood Group – Alternative Access Solutions

6 June 2017

Submitted by Philip Oliver, Transformational Change Manager. 

Problem statement

Inclement weather, intermittent accessibility and poor control of environment can negatively affect schedule and drive up costs for planned/unplanned activities. Inflexible access solutions are a significant factor that contributes to delays in these scenarios.


  • Develop an optimised approach to each access situation that ensures safety and maximises tool time.
  • Assure greater integrity and reliability by creating a consistent environment.
  • Challenge conventional approaches to access solutions.




Each scope is approached with a thorough and detailed focus on identifying the optimum solutions, considering aspects that include the work environment, the nature of the work, avoiding working at height, workface planning, remote operated aerial vehicle (ROAV) usage and area cover. The purchasing of multiple ‘Safezone’ positive pressure habitats ensures that we are not bottlenecked on resources and rapidly deploy the system on our clients’ assets when required.


Through challenging conventional approaches to access solutions we were able to ensure significant savings on material cost, improved safety and increased tool time.  Project successes have included an 85 percent saving on the inspection of 143 pipe supports and £1.68 million client saving  when using a remote operated aerial vehicle (ROAV) instead of rope access solutions. The use of a ROAV also allowed for avoidance of a three-week shutdown, scaffolding, rope access and over-side working

Total hours saved: Three-week shutdown

Total savings anticipated: £1.68m

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