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Wood Group – Innovative Flange Management when Decommissioning

6 June 2017

Submitted by Philip Oliver, Transformational Change Manager.

Problem Statement

Breaking flanges to physically isolate systems when decommissioning is time intensive and introduces the risk of disturbing asbestos present in compressed asbestos fibre (CAF) type gaskets


  • Reduce personnel asbestos exposure and minimise the requirement for asbestos removal specialists when breaking flanges during decommissioning.
  • Reduce the time required for providing positive isolations during decommissioning.


To solve the issue, our decommissioning services contract proposed using  the Springlynn system, a self-tapping saddle for draining and venting systems adopted from the water industry.


The system has been simple to use and can be deployed by someone with no previous training. It removes the need to break flanges but ensures that re-energisation of the pipeline cannot occur. The system eliminates potential risk of exposure from asbestos fibre (CAF) gaskets.

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