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Xodus review could save ME operator $10mn/yr

6 April 2022

Xodus saves ME operator $10mn

Global energy consultancy Xodus has completed a six-month benchmarking emissions review for a leading Middle East oil operator’s full asset portfolio. The review unearthed over 100 reduction opportunities and could mean “significant emissions and cost savings,” it said April 5, not naming the country.

Saudi Arabia has pledged to bring its carbon emissions down to net zero by 2060 and the UAE by 2050. Bahrain and Israel have also made net zero pledges while Qatar has set out a plan to cut emissions by 25% by 2030.

Site studies calculated the total saving would be at least 20% and moreover a third of the improvements could be “easily implemented with low or no capital expenditure required.” The complete reduction potential would deliver overall savings of $10 – $15mn/yr.

The head of emissions at Xodus, Natasha Howlett (pictured left), said: “The comprehensive review of greenhouse gas emissions gives our client a clear understanding of their emissions baseline along with a robust hopper of improvement opportunities and how best to prioritise these for implementation in order to  decarbonise a portfolio of assets.”

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