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New: Cyberhawk- Brunei – Drone inspection for manned and unmanned platforms

19 June 2018

Problem Statement

Flare inspection can incur significant costs and take months to complete. Aside from the cost of using scaffolding or rope access, a production shutdown is required while the inspection takes place.  These access techniques also mean extended periods of working at height.


  • A supermajor in West Africa was looking use a new, more efficient method of inspection to examine a number of flares on five live assets.
  • As well as generating cost savings, the client was also looking for an inspection solution which was safer for personnel by reducing the requirement to work at height.


  • A two man team from Cyberhawk were mobilised to the region to complete the inspections
  • Full close visual inspections (CVI) were carried out across all assets
  • Thanks to the use of UAVs, the inspections could take place without the need for a plant shut


By avoiding a plant shutdown, and inspecting the assets while they were live, the client saved more than $11million.

All five assets were also inspected in less than a week – the alternative methods would have taken months to complete and would also have required a complete shutdown of the facility.

The detailed inspection reports completed by Cyberhawk’s plant inspector and flare experts provided the facility with the info required to fully plan and prepare flare tip replacement and repair work during the next planned turnaround.

Total hours saved

5 days vs weeks

Total savings anticpated

Over $11million

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