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ASCO builds materials management solution for Equinor

29 August 2019

Aberdeen-headquartered logistics and materials management company ASCO has completed a collaboration with Equinor, providing a unique digital solution for materials management practice.

Developed in collaboration with Equinor, ASCO’s ‘iLMS Track and Trace’ solution will facilitate a move away from the traditional energy supply chain model in favour of a modern retail model that provides full end-to-end track and trace capabilities for operations, maintenance, production. It allows for real-time material visibility, control and process efficiency in a data- and system-driven process environment.

ASCO says the solution has enhanced the business and process architecture for materials management onshore and offshore, using value-adding principles from retail while meeting the specific needs of the energy industry to create a safer, leaner, better, and faster way of working. Read more…


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