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Bethan Customs welcomes HMRC support measures amid COVID-19 disruption

20 April 2020

Bethan Customs Consultancy has welcomed measures from HMRC to support businesses during this period of economic turbulence caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, but has warned that firms must maintain responsibility for meeting their compliance obligations.

The support measures include the potential to delay payment of deferred customs duties and import VAT if COVID-19 has impacted on a business’ finances and cash flow. In addition, registered importers who pay cash or an equivalent can contact HMRC to request an extension to their payment deadline.

Managing director Nicola Alexander also noted: “While we understand that the focus for business-owners right now absolutely needs to be on looking after the health and well-being of staff and working hard to stay afloat, it is nonetheless vital that they keep on top of compliance obligations. HMRC are offering support to businesses during these turbulent times, but will still actively engage in the verification of customs activities, just by electronic means instead of visiting in person.” Read more…


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