Data delivers performance insight and cuts emissions

OPEX Group has invested in technology development to launch a new system focused on helping operators reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 15%.

The Challenge

Using operational data to reduce costs, improve performance and mitigate risk offshore. How could the science of data science help operators to reduce CO2 intensity and emissions?

The Response

OPEX Group applied its expertise to introduce its patented product. X-PAS™ Emissions pinpoints opportunities for operators by continually improving operational performance. Powered by OPEX’s predictive technology, X-PAS™ Emissions dynamically calculates and displays in real-time the lowest achievable emissions intensity for an asset’s production target and plant configuration.

Through the X-PAS™ Emissions portal, users have complete visibility of their assets’ energy use and emissions intensity – and, critically, understand the operational actions required to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Result

One OPEX operator uses a standard gas plant start-up procedure with the recycle valve manually set at 25% to ensure the system achieves production stability. If left in manual for too long, however, the system continues to run at a higher emissions intensity.

The X-PAS™ Emissions service highlights this operating condition by alerting the asset team and promptly ensuring the recycle valve is returned to automatic. This intervention allows optimum operating conditions to deliver the target production volumes and helped save the operator nearly €5000 in EUETS (EU Emissions Trading System) costs alone in one day.

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