Aviation Safety Technical Group

Trevor Stapleton, OEUK


About this group

The Aviation Safety Technical Group (ASTG) provides OEUK with expertise across all elements of aviation operations supporting UKCS oil and gas activities. The purpose of the ASTG is to identify, understand and where necessary, propose actions to resolve current and emerging aviation issues.

Available to: All relevant OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies. Please get in contact with the group administrator for more information.


  1. To provide a coherent approach within industry and with relevant stakeholders to monitor aviation issues, identify and evaluate risks
  2. To promote measures that support and improve helicopter operational and technical safety
  3. To influence the development and revision of relevant regulations and guidance
  4. To support efficiency initiatives e.g. development and use of common standards; joint industry guidelines and procedures
  5. To communicate effectively with OEUK members and stakeholders
  6. To establish task and finish work groups


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