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Continuous Improvement Network

Continuous Improvement Network

The Continuous Improvement Network is a quarterly meeting with the objective of sharing and learning in a safe space. The network welcomes all parts of industry to participate, and is chaired by Scott Nicol of Total Energies.

The fourth meeting of the CI Network always focuses on cross-industry learning; what we can learn from other sectors.

The aim of this network is to encourage and champion the industry’s collaborative culture, promote innovation and sustainable business models to continuously improve efficient opportunities with energy transition.

Available to: OEUK Operator and Contractor member companies.

Champions of a sustainable and efficient industry

The objectives of the Continuous Improvement Network are as follows;

  • Further develop the Continuous Improvement community as a reputable resource within OEUK and UKCS as a whole;
  • Enhance the working relationships between operators, the supply chain, regulators, government and SMEs by offering a platform to share and learn collectively;
  • Support the work of the Efficiency Task Force by increasing awareness of and engagement in outputs and activities;
  • Facilitate sharing of continuous improvement knowledge and experience – CI governance, tools, business processes, training strategies, lessons learned & learning from other industries;
  • Support the industry’s opportunity to drive the technology and innovation needed to achieve industry wide energy transition;
  • Promote the uptake and application of existing good practice and technologies.

Collaboration is key to the delivery of operational excellence, necessary for survival of our industry and at the heart of all successful continuous improvement programmes.