Keith Wise, OEUK

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Katy Heidenreich, OEUK



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Well Decommissioning Operator Network

Well Decommissioning Operator Network

To provide a formal body through which members’ representatives can share best practices, review decommissioning cross-industry issues, create and resource task finish groups (“TFGs”) for any specific tasks, interact with other industry stakeholders, OEUK Forums and regulators, and to prepare recommendations/guidelines for consideration of the Wells Forum members [operator only at this time].

Available to: All OEUK Operator member companies with an interest in well decommissioning. Please get in contact with the group administrator for more information.


• Identifying industry best practices and guidelines applicable well decommissioning which can be implemented and maintained throughout the industry
• Unlocking efficiencies that help to achieve industry’s goal of 35% cost reduction in Decommissioning
• Providing regulators and stakeholders with a way to discuss cross-industry issues relevant to improving health, safety and environmental excellence.