Forums & Workgroups / Sustainability
  • Carbon metrics TFG
    The carbon metrics TFG exists to identify; standard emissions KPIs to be benchmarked from operators NIMS data submissions, and standard carbon metrics to ensure level of like for like benchmarking (e.g POB, wells, export etc).
  • Energy Transition Forum
    Develop an oil and gas industry position with regard to the overall objectives and target dates relating to the transition to the low carbon economy, responding to e.g. CCC and government.
  • Fiscal Policy Forum
    The fiscal regime is a significant lever in driving and attracting investment into the UK North Sea. The basin has a bespoke fiscal regime, which in the past has been flexed by governments in place to maximise the Exchequer’s tax take from this national resource. Previous adverse fiscal changes often were to the detriment of the long-term outlook for and investment into the basin.
  • Gas Market Regulation Forum
    The Gas Market Regulatory Forum (GMRF) looks to coordinate the interests of different upstream member businesses in gas market regulation.