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New: Aker Solutions – Kaizen: Offshore and Site Recruitment

11 October 2017

Problem Statement 

4,066 days lost due to missed mobilisation dates, caused by:
• Multiple inductions;
• Unnecessary training (hundreds of people going through up to
nine days each);
• Multiple journeys during recruitment process.


To improve the efficiency of the offshore and site
recruitment process.


• Mapping of the recruitment process & issues identified;
• Root causes of 200 issues and solutions developed;
• Single, new recruitment process created;
• Supporting procedures created;
• Communications plan for roll out to all stakeholders
(300 people).


New process ensured:
• Removal of multiple inductions
• Removal of multiple medicals, if rehire or currently employed
• Combining medicals with inductions and training
• Removal of travel home, while awaiting Drugs & Alcohol (D&A)
test results (will be part of induction day, 2,3&4 combined)
• Removal of travel for D&A as a separate activity
• Removal of unnecessary training courses
• Removed unnecessary training (therefore travel)

The new process resulted in:
• 92.3% reduction in mobilisation days lost (219);
• Removal of unnecessary training (866 days);
• Value adding work 4306 days given back to the business.

Next steps
• Weekly KPI reporting to ensure improvements are sustained;
• Non-compliance addressed quickly.

Total time saved: 4306 days 

Contact: Darren Clyde, Senior Lean Coach

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