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Neptune confirms oil, gas find near Gjøa

26 August 2022

OEUK Member news : Neptune Energy has confirmed that its Ofelia exploration well (PL 929) has made a commercial discovery 15 km north of its Gjøa field in the Norwegian North Sea. It found oil between 16mn and 39mn barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in the Agat formation, at a water depth of some 344 m, it said August 26.

In addition to Agat, north of the well there is an upside of around 10mn boe recoverable gas in the shallower Kyrre formation, which brings the total recoverable volume to 26mn and 49mn boe.

Along with earlier discoveries Duva and Hamlet, Neptune says it has opened a new geological play in Norway. Gjøa is powered by electricity from onshore to reduce the carbon intensity of the shareholders’ hydrocarbon production.

OEUK Press Release: Neptune

Neptune Energy’s Norwegian exploration head Steinar Meland said: “The Ofelia discovery underlines the strength of our exploration strategy and confirms the high prospectivity potential of the area around Gjøa.”


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