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Port of Aberdeen invests in carbon neutrality goal

28 April 2023

Port of Aberdeen will spend £55mn over the next 10 years to become the UK’s first net zero port by 2040, it said April 28. This means vessels visiting the port (scope 3), as well as its own operations (scope 1 and 2), must be carbon neutral. In 2019, the former accounted for 97% of the emissions, coming from 9,500 vessel arrivals.  Onshore electrification is expected to do much of the heavy lifting, with respect to emissions reductions.

The port is planning to use a carbon intensity metric based on gross vessel tonnage, once the new Aberdeen South Harbour development has been fully operational for 12 months. It will start by converting three berths in 2024 and is counting on support from stakeholders, investors, and vessel owners.

Image credit: Port of Aberdeen

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