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Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment: Flexible pathways for recruitment and promotion


OEUK’s Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment: Flexible pathways for recruitment and promotion s a key element in an organisation for driving growth, innovation, profitability, and consumer understanding as well as a key pillar within any Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.

“Your stakeholders – from shareholders to employees – are looking at your record on inclusion, diversity and social mobility when making decisions. And they’re looking beyond what’s needed to comply with legislative changes – for example, gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap reporting. They want to work with businesses that demonstrate greater authenticity. A commitment to IDE across the employee lifecycle is important for the communities you operate in – and for your own organisation.”

The new toolkit titled ‘Flexible pathways for recruitment and promotion’ provide vital checklists that companies can use to record their current D&I status and develop future plans.

This publication can be downloaded free of charge.

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