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Corporate, Offshore Energies Magazine

Wireline Magazine – Issue 52, Winter 2021


Foreword: Welcome to the first issue of Wireline this year. It has been a busy time, as the number of OEUK reports, events and meetings testify. In the last few months of 2021, we hosted a Breakfast Briefing in Aberdeen about investing in the energy transition; and a virtual/physical event in St Andrews to launch the annual Decommissioning Insight. We also published an Energy Transition Outlook, the Health & Safety Report and the Environment Report.

These show, among other things, how our changing industry is protecting its workers and the natural environment as it goes about its essential business. The development of offshore electrification, the growth of recycling and ever-important attention to personal safety all contribute in very different ways to the reputation of our industry. Our industry remains in the spotlight for all the good reasons – it creates energy security, jobs and tax revenues; and it is also a hedge against environmental damage from imports. The notion of a just transition that does away with oil and gas production without addressing the demand side is simply not compatible with our collective goals.

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