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Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Policy Statement emphasises need for sector deal, OGUK says

21 December 2020

The leading UK oil and gas industry body OGUK has today welcomed the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Policy Statement, which recognises that the critical role the country’s oil and gas industry has to play in realising a hydrogen economy.

Commenting, OGUK Sustainability Director Mike Tholen said:

“The Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Policy Statement released today recognises the critical role our industry has to play in creating a hydrogen industry, both through the expertise of our supply chain and the talents of our workforce, and in the opportunities presented by repurposing of our infrastructure.

“Investing in these new energy resources will be key to unlocking the challenge of achieving net-zero emissions across the economy. Many businesses within our industry are already actively involved in the development of such hydrogen projects, recognised by the Committee on Climate Change as an essential part of the energy mix in years to come.

“While it’s encouraging to see investments like this, today’s Hydrogen Policy Statement reiterates the importance of securing a sector deal for our industry. We will continue to work at pace with the Scottish government to ensure that our supply chain is supported throughout the transition, securing jobs and the energy supply, whilst supporting our energy communities.”



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