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Brent Bravo topsides removed by Pioneering Spirit

19 June 2019

The Allseas heavy lift and pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit has safely completed the single-piece removal of the 25,000-tonne Brent Bravo topsides from the North Sea. Completed in the early morning of 18 June, the operation took approximately four hours – though the actual “fast lift” of the topsides took only nine seconds.

Brent Bravo is the second of four platforms, after Brent Delta in 2017, to be decommissioned and removed from the Brent field, 186 km off the north east coast of Shetland. On both occasions, Shell U.K. Limited has used Pioneering Spirit’s single lift technology.

The topsides will now be transferred to Allseas’ cargo barge “Iron Lady” for the final leg of its journey, towage up the Seaton Channel and load-in to the quay at Able UK’s yard for dismantling. Read more…


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