Emergency response: Restrata homes in on new approach

A new technology-led package addresses the key issues associated with maintaining emergency response capabilities when mobilisation to an incident room isn’t a safe option.

The Challenge

Sustaining emergency response training and delivery during elevated risk and logistical limitations.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions on movement have thrown into sharp relief the issues that such circumstances can pose for emergency response systems.

Could technology be used to create a process allowing remote emergency response, enabling teams to continue to train and exercise – and to manage an incident remotely if necessary?

The Response

Restrata has worked to develop, test and implement an advanced emergency response from Home.

It features a combination of experienced Restrata response staff, existing technologies for conference calling and command & control software – including the Restrata platform.

The integrated package provides a unified and consistent picture across the response teams and real-time reporting of personnel status.

During the development process, Restrata engaged with several key agencies – including Police Scotland, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) – to help ensure the system was comprehensive, rigorous and fit for purpose.

Restrata has already used the system to exercise both its internal teams and those of clients, ensuring it remains a response option if required.

The Result

The process protects responders – as well as their families and the wider community – by enabling them to respond remotely to real-life incidents.

Beyond safeguarding the ability of teams to train and exercise, it enables organisations to test their response plans as they build in new considerations, such as the impact of a pandemic on their operations.

They can also test their capacity to respond remotely and create contingency plans based on their effectiveness.

‘…safeguarding the ability of response teams to train and exercise… enabling organisations to test their response plans as they build in new considerations…’

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