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Helicopter operators create mental health support network for UK offshore pilots

20 January 2021

Bristow Helicopters, CHC, NHV and Babcock have joined forces to lead a collaborative peer assistance network to support the mental health of offshore pilots in the UK.

Upcoming changes to regulations set out by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) require all UK operators to have an effective peer assistance network in place by February 2021. Those networks must be overseen by a qualified aviation psychologist, with peers selected and trained from across the workforce to ensure availability for colleagues in all locations and disciplines.

All four North Sea helicopter operators began discussions to create a joint platform in 2019, recognising the value in a collective group to ensure genuine peer understanding. A group of 21 people from across the companies’ employee bases have been identified and each company has invested in putting them through mental health first aid and peer support training to ensure a unified approach to the support offered through the network. Read more…


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