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Nexen – Driving greater efficiency of platform supply vessel fleet through controlling offshore non-productive time

5 June 2017

Problem statement

Nexen sought to reduce offshore non-productive time (NPT) to drive greater efficiency of the platform supply vessel (PSV) fleet.


  • To reduce logistics NPT to below 30 per cent in 2015.
  • To manage logistic costs more effectively.


  • Offshore teams were challenged to place greater emphasis on planning and scheduling to ensure the PSVs were working more efficiently.
  • Vessel NPT metrics were also examined which demonstrated that further cost management improvements could be implemented, including vessel sharing and ultimately reducing the PSV fleet.


  • The focus on reducing offshore NPT has enabled Nexen to challenge the manner in which it operates its PSV fleet and change entrenched ways of working.
  • This has resulted in the reduction of the PSV fleet by one term vessel and a reduction in dependency on
    ad hoc spot-hires.
  • It has resulted in annualised savings of £3.5-£4 million.
  • Further improvements to vessel sailing schedules have the potential to reduce the PSV fleet further, saving an additional £1.25-£1.5 million per annum.
  • Vessel savings were a major contributor in improving Nexen’s lifting costs in 2016.

Reduced NFT: 30%

Annualised savings: £3.5-4 million

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