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Technology to drive safety improvements, says Petrotechnics PSM report

29 October 2018

Petrotechnics has released part two of its 2018 Operational Risk and Process Safety Management (PSM) report, suggesting that technology is expected to help drive improvements in process safety and operational risk management (ORM).

In part one, insights from more than 100 senior industry leaders revealed significant areas of concern, including the impact the previous low oil price is still having on PSM and ORM, as well as disconnects between process safety intent and reality. Part two reveals the improved use of technology could make companies and their work teams safer.

Enhanced technology strategy is expected to drive improvements in process safety effectiveness. Seventy-three per cent of respondents believe technology will make companies and their work teams safer by reducing vulnerability to high-potential near-misses and major hazard events. Eighty per cent said giving the workforce access to real-time process safety risk indicators on the plant would improve risk awareness and safety. Read more…

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