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Tendeka and TGT create ‘industry-first’ solution for sand control failures

3 September 2020

Global completions service company Tendeka and diagnostic specialist TGT have agreed a partnership to mitigate the costly consequences of sand control failure in wells.

The remedial sand control collaboration known as ‘Find Fix Confirm’ will see TGT’s Sand Flow product used to accurately identify the locations of sand ingress within the wellbore. Then, Tendeka’s Filtrex thru-tubing sand control system is used to quickly repair the damage. Crucially, the service can confirm the effectiveness of the solution with the redeployment of TGT’s diagnostic product.

In mature basins, Tendeka says sand issues can account for up to 10% of all shut-in wells either due to failure of the existing downhole sand control or onset of sand production due to pressure depletion and/or water production. Read more…


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