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Industry event to reveal importance of data in offshore sector’s low carbon transition

18 May 2022

The representative body for the offshore energy industry will hold a flagship event this month, giving specialist insight into the growing and changing world of data and digitalisation.

OEUK’s ‘Value of Data’ conference, taking place at the Aberdeen Science Centre on May 26, will explore data in the context of reducing emissions from offshore operations and making efficiency improvements that can help boost the UK’s move to net zero by 2050.

Attendees will get the chance to hear about how the world of data is evolving and transforming the energy sector – from subsurface to topsides, finance to photogrammetry, to plant and process information.

Industry experts speaking at the event will offer insight into data and digitalisation’s critical capability in tracking, reducing, and eliminating carbon emissions as the offshore oil and gas industry looks to meet its climate targets and develop the solutions needed for the low-carbon future ahead.

Attendees will also hear from some of the companies and energy leaders who are making comprehensive changes to their way of working through the likes of digital twins, maintenance, process safety, carbon emissions savings and more.

In between opportunities to network, the day will comprise of seminars on topics such as the role of data in securing access to finance, driving value from data across the asset lifecycle, creating value from operational data, and more.

The event will conclude with a moment of reflection and celebration of the 27-year history of OEUK’s Common Data Access Limited (CDA) subsidiary, which laid the foundations for the UK National Data Repository and established a thriving community of data professionals in the UK energy industry.

With the NDR now being operated by the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), CDA’s business has concluded, and this will be the last event OEUK’s CDA subsidiary will be involved in.

Daniel Brown, OEUK’s Head of Data and Digital and Managing Director, CDA, said:

“Data and digitalisation are advancing our industry – encouraging the development of a modern, digitalised, and integrated energy sector that is adaptive and resilient.

“Digital technologies are key to unlocking the sustainable future we all want to see, allowing us to reimagine the sector as one integrated energy system – working together to produce cleaner energies.

“Over the past quarter century, OEUK’s CDA subsidiary has shown the value of investment and collaboration in data and digital – but the industry must now wake up to the full benefits of digitalisation and grasp this opportunity with both hands to ensure the benefits of the energy transition are fully realised in the UK, rather than overseas.”


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