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  • Heads of Digital
    The Heads of Digital group provides a supportive environment and network for those leading their organisation’s digital initiatives, encouraging the sharing of business change management tactics, tools, and insights into what does and doesn’t work in increasing the adoption of more digital working practices.

  • Heads of IT Special Interest Group
    The Heads of IT Forum provides a leadership role for industry for the digital agenda, promoting the development of digital skills, and developing and sharing best practice across the sector.
  • Information and Samples Coordinators’ Special Interest Group
    Section 35 of the Energy Act 2016 requires ‘Relevant Persons’ to appoint an individual to act as an Information and Samples Coordinator (“ISC”), responsible for monitoring that organisation’s compliance with its obligations under Chapter 3 of the act.
  • Information Management Forum
    Effective information management (‘IM’) has been demonstrated to deliver substantial business value in the oil and gas industry and in many other sectors.
  • Service Organisations Cyber Security Special Interest Group
    The Service Organisations Cyber Security Forum (SOCS) is a special interest group open to all in the supply chain (except IT providers) operating weekly calls to share threat intelligence on cyber risks; and quarterly face-to-face sessions to progress shared cyber issues on a collaborative basis.